Up to 15 SEER, Single-Stage, Split System Heat Pump

Up to 16 SEER, Two-Stage, Split System Heat Pump

Up to 19 SEER, iQ, Inverter-Driven, Split System Heat Pump

13 SEER Air Handler

  • Designed to Resist Corrosion: The polyester-urethane finish on this unit's sturdy, galvanized steel outer shell is corrosion resistant.
  • Resists Corrosion: Includes all-aluminum Micro-Channel coil for increased corrosion resistance.

The B6BMMO air handler completes your home heating and cooling system and provides reliable performance. A properly paired air handler works in conjunction with your central air conditioner or heat pump system to effectively deliver air to your home.

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14 - 15 SEER Fixed Speed Air Handler

  • Limits Noise: Get increased system satisfaction with low noise levels. This unit has extra quiet, smooth blower on/off cycles.
  • Sturdy Design: The exterior of this unit is hardy - constructed using galvanized steel coated in a polyester-urethane, corrosion-resistant finish.
  • Insulated Cabinet: An inch of insulation helps contribute to quiet operation and the prevention of cabinet sweating in some of the more difficult applications. This insulation has an R-value of 4.2.

High-performance and reliability come paired with comfort and efficiency with the B6EMMX series of air handlers. Just pair this unit with a correctly matched air conditioner or heat pump for complete system satisfaction. Contact your contractor for more information about pricing and proper system matches.

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13 - 19 SEER ECM Variable Speed Air Handler

  • Consistent Temperatures: Having a unit that can provide more even temperatures can significantly increase your home comfort. This air handler includes a variable-speed motor, which promotes consistent temperatures and quiet operation.
  • Near-Silent Operation: Quiet, smooth blower on/off cycles encourage reduced noises associated with operation.
  • Exceptional Engineering: This unit has additional corrosion protection. It's constructed with galvanized steel coated in a polyester-urethane finish.

The B6VMAX improves home comfort through innovative parts and exceptional design. A variable-speed motor encourages smooth operation, low noise levels and premium home comfort, while the coils and outer shell increase durability. When you pair this model with specific air conditioners or heat pumps, you can expect efficient performance.

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92.1% AFUE Single-Stage, Fixed Speed

  • Reduced Noise: The insulated blower compartment works to effectively reduce noises associated with operation.
  • Ensures a Warm Duct Temperature: There is nothing worse than being blasted by cold air when you are expecting warm air. That is why this unit includes a 30-second blower delay to make sure that there is a warm-duct temperature when the furnace kicks into gear.
  • Longevity: If your ignitor goes out, you could face inconvenient problems. That is why this furnace uses SmartLite® technology for premium performance. This learns the start-up characteristics of your unit and adjusts the ignitor's firing percentage accordingly.

High heating efficiency can significantly reduce the amount of money you spend heating your home in the winter. The FG7SC-L gas furnace is above minimum efficiency, at 92.1% AFUE, and contains features that make it last and last.

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95.1% AFUE Two Stage Variable Speed Gas Furnace

  • Two Heating Stages and a Variable-Speed Motor: When your single furnace acts like two furnaces in one, you can expect premium performance. This system maintains consistent temperatures, improves air filtration and reduces sound levels.
  • Max Heat Pump and Air Conditioner Efficiency: Because of its energy-efficient motor, this gas furnace can help your air conditioner or heat pump achieve the maximum efficiency levels for its model.
  • Ultimate Sound Reduction: In order to reduce sound levels, this furnace model includes an insulated blower compartment.

Reducing sound levels, providing consistent temperatures and improving indoor air quality are all perks of choosing a furnace, like this one, that includes a variable-speed motor. Additionally, this unit provides 95.1% AFUE heating efficiency and two stages of operation.

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C7BA A Vertical & C7BH Horizontal Micro-Channel Indoor Coil

  • Proper Matches: Combining this coil with the properly matched outdoor cooling unit can improve the overall cooling efficiency of your system.
  • Exterior Resists Corrosion: Corrosion can cause headaches for homeowners. That is why we construct the case of this coil with galvanized steel coated in a corrosion-resistant, polyester-urethane finish.

The Frigidaire C7BH indoor evaporator coil (horizontal) is made especially for high-moisture environments. The coil sits on top of your furnace to complete your cooling system.

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C6 Coils - R-410A

  • Efficient Performance: Make sure to properly match this coil with the right air conditioner or heat pump for an increase in efficiency.
  • Quality Finish Resists Corrosion: This unit is built to last. It is made using galvanized steel coated in a corrosion-resistant, polyester-urethane finish.
  • Thermal Expansion Valve: Factory-installed externally equalized thermal expansion valve (TXV) provides precise refrigerant control under varying load conditions.

In high-moisture environments, corrosion can be a problem. These coils tackle this issue head on. The coil sits on top of your furnace to complete your cooling system.

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